ebb&flow vol. II - elements

Visuals are courtesy of Thomas Eibenberger

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ebb&flow vol. II - piano waves

Deep relaxation music for your inner balance and well-being.
Piano waves and the calming sounds of the sea

Discover the magic of unique places on earth with ebb&flow
Genius loci video clips on YouTube

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ebb&flow vol. I - binaural waves

Deep relaxation music, meditation music for your inner balance and well-being in 432 Hertz tuning.
All tracks in versions with and without binaural waves.

4Hz delta/theta1, deep sleep, state of trance, hypnagogic consciousness, hypnosis, fall asleep
6Hz theta1, hypnagogic consciousness, hypnosis, fall asleep
8Hz theta2, deep relaxation, meditation, hypnosis
10Hz alpha, light relaxation, super learning, (sub-conscious learning), inner attention, closed eyes

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We’re a music project catching for the positive effects of music.
Music can affect our emotions, our health and well-being in so many ways.
Reach deep relaxation, motivation or positive activation. Get encouraged for self-reflection.
Let us carry you away.

ebb&flow - time to relax!